The Orange Club is committed to supporting true transformation in neighbourhoods, organisations, groups and individuals.


I’m Gary Loftus, from Manchester, and the founder and director of The Orange Club. While I’m a successful state of mind coach and community builder, and have extensive training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and laughter yoga, I am foremost a creator and innovator of ground-breaking learning and coaching experiences that transform people and places through revolutionary human experiences.

I implement them frequently to create positive social impact in neighbourhoods too often described as deprived and deficient. As the former head of community building for a leading Manchester-based charity I was a pioneer of Asset Based Community Development in the UK, using it to connect and release the potential in urban neighbourhoods. When not working I enjoy travel and learning about eastern philosophy.


Using effective transformational coaching that focuses on available strengths and assets, The Orange Club awakens power in people to bring about authentic and lasting change in their lives. In individuals, we illuminate the intrinsic gifts that reside within every person and can bring true transformation to their lives and environment. In teams and groups, we harness the remarkable strength in diversity, collective wisdom and authentic relationships.

In organisations, we dissolve outdated thinking and limiting beliefs in favour of strength-focused practices and an expanded capacity to achieve results. In neighbourhoods, we enable social transformation by connecting people who wish to change, grow and thrive together despite the ongoing challenges they face. All of The Orange Club’s success is underscored by the emergence of clarity, insight, wellness and wisdom within all those who work with us.

We foster inclusiveness, initiative and innovation among people. We guide them to their true strengths, skills and talents so they may achieve results previously thought impossible. We see their authentic potential and future emerge from within them. And we continue to mentor them so they may fulfil the ever increasing possibility available to them. And that is why The Orange Club believes your potential is our potential and your success is our success.